Lodge History & Founding Members

Chaddesley Corbett Lodge has a reputation throughout the Province of Worcestershire that whatever it set out to do, it does it with a bang! So, it was not surprising that the first major step in forming the Lodge was taken at a Bonfire night party on November 5th, 1979.

However, the first seeds of a Chaddesley Corbett Lodge were sown in February or March 1979 when W.Bro. Neville Padmore and (then) Bro. Michael Cummins met at the Masonic Hall, Stirling Road, Birmingham. Neville was a Past Master of Howe Lodge No. 587 and was attending his Lodge meeting when he came face-to-face with Mike who was visiting St. Francis Lodge No. 4899.

Within 16 months of that meeting Neville would become the founding Master and Mike would become his Senior Warden of Chaddesley Corbett Lodge.

A third figure now enters the story, Charles Dodge, then a junior member of Almacantar Lodge No. 7023 in Stretford. He was once a neighbour of Neville in Woodrow and had also known Mike for some years who also lived in Woodrow.

By November 5th, 1979 a number of Masons had been found. On that memorable Bonfire night, Charles and Neville were in the bar of the Robin Hood at neighbouring Drayton village when Charles came out of the depths of a pint and said “we really must do something about it”. Neville, like wise also emerging from a pint of mild, replied “alright, I will”.   

The next stage was to invite a number of Masons to an informal meeting. This informal meeting was held in the bar / lounge of the Talbot Inn on Monday December 3rd, 1979. The meeting opened with being appointed Chairman and Bro. Roger Higgins finding himself volunteered as Secretary.

On December 14th, 1979 Neville notified everyone concerned that the Worcestershire Prov. Grand Master, W.Bro. Charles Perks had pledged Provincial support for this new Lodge.

Initially, the Lodge was to be a “private” Lodge restricted to residents of Chaddesley Corbett, this was frowned upon by Prov. Grand Lodge who suggested a name “Chaddesley Corbett” Lodge might be more appropriate. At the January meeting it was proposed by Bro. Spencer and seconded by Bro. Charles Dodge that the lodge be names “Chaddesley Corbett Lodge”. A second proposition of “St. Cassian’s Lodge” was defeated and as we say, the rest is history. It was also agreed that the new Lodge should meet at Bromsgrove Masonic Hall. However, after the demise of Bromsgrove, we moved to Kidderminster Masonic Hall in 2015 and we have been there ever since.

The brethren then elected W.Bro. Neville Padmore as Founding Master designate, Bro. Mike Cummins as Senior Warden, Bro. Geoff Wilkinson as Junior Warden. They were also given the authority to appoint a Lodge Committee consisting of themselves plus Bro. Roger Higgins as Secretary.

In a letter to committee members, W.Bro. Padmore said that the Past Masters of Harmonic Lodge, the oldest Lodge in the Province (founded in 1784) had welcomed the suggestion that Harmonic should sponsor the new Chaddesley Corbett Lodge.

On March 31st 1980, W.Bro Padmore sent a letter to all committee members saying “I’m delighted to inform you that the Grand Master has been pleased to accede to the Prayer of Petition for the proposed Chaddesley Corbett Lodge which will be numbered 8942” The lodge thus became to 120th Lodge in Worcestershire.

Consecration, Installation and first regular meeting.

Saturday 28th June 1980 dawned fine and sunny and it was to be a long day for the founders who arrived at the Masonic Hall, Newfields, Halesowen, for a full scale rehearsal at 11:30 AM prior to the ceremony at 3:30 PM. Provincial Director of Ceremonies, W.Bro. R E Whitlock PAGDC assisted by Deputy DC W.Bro. L H Pountney PPSGW painstakingly rehearsed every aspect of the Consecration Ceremony in which all Founders took part; it was also an occasion when many, it was said, found that they had left and right feet!

The ceremony, which lasted 75 minutes, was conducted by the R.W. Provincial Grand Master F H Griffiths O.St.J, assisted by the V.W. Deputy Provincial Grand Master H.A. Nock, M.C., PGSwdB, the assistant Provincial Grand Masters W.Boes. B J W Chambers PSGD and L H C Batt M>B>E>, PSGD and officers from Provincial Grand Lodge.

An entry in the Lodge Minutes Book marked the end of the first part of the proceedings thus “Chaddesley Corbett Lodge No. 8942 was duly consecrated, dedicated and constituted according to ancient custom and established rules of the order.” The Founders were presented with Jewels by the Provincial Grand Master, the first verse of the National Anthem was sung at 4:45 PM.

Founding Members of the Lodge

W.Bro.   N.T. Padmore

W.Bro. R.   Higgins

W.Bro.   M.C. Davis

W.Bro. H.   Meredith

W.Bro.   W.S. Andrews

W.Bro.   M.J. Cummins

W.Bro.   T.O. Howe

W.Bro. J.   Smith

W.Bro. A.   Rhodes,

W.Bro.   J.W. Lloyd

W.Bro.   R.E. Lawrence

W.Bro.   J.H. Vernon,

W.Bro.   C.H. Byard-Jones,

W.Bro. G.   P. Mitchell

W.Bro. R.   E. Priest

W.Bro.   R.F. Clarke

W.Bro.   P.B. Napier

W.Bro.   G.S. Wilkinson

W.Bro.   K.J. Wright



Bro. W.E.   Beveridge

Bro. R.T.   Bateman

Bro. S.   Spencer

Bro. H.A.   Brown

Bro.   G.E.J. White

Bro. N.H.   Coyle